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Features of Magento CMS


Content Management System is basically a software application used to manage the development and editing of digital content. CMS helps the store owners to manage various resources, content types and numerous data that makes up a modern website.

Magento is an emerging ecommerce script, an open source CMS which makes use of MySQL and Zend PHP databases. It offers store owners control over the look, content and functionality of ecommerce stores. Magento CMS comes with a beautifully designed admin interface, robust catalog management and marketing tools. It also facilitates great search engine optimization, offering power to customize the site depending on the business needs. Even in terms of merchandising and promotion, it offers advanced control. Magento CMS is available in various editions to help you appropriately with the right choice.

When you own an ecommerce store, it is obvious that you might be targeting a wide range of customers. Delivering high quality content becomes your prime duty. Magento CMS features lets you cater to a wide audience with the help of multilingual as well as multi-currency support.

Brands that Use Magento

  • Helly Hanson
  • Omega Watches
  • Wrangler Europe
  • Lee Europe
  • Nike

Magento CMS Features:

Magento is considered to be one of the most functional platforms for ecommerce. Magento CMS capabilities are such that it is known for managing complex ecommerce stores and customer buyer journeys. Apart from this, it also offers promotional tools for the business, to help you in offering discounts to your customers. The flexible coupons come with the ability to restrict certain customer groups.

By far, Magento is the most customizable ecommerce platform. It offers two services, Open Source and Magento Commerce – out of which, open source is free and commerce is a paid plan.

1. Effective SEO

Along with inbuilt analytics, Magento CMS offers advanced SEO features. It develops SEO-friendly URLs and Meta Descriptions. It integrates Google sitemaps and automates watermarking and image resizing. Apart from these, there are various Magento extensions available to easily customize SEO depending on the requirements of your website.

2. Robust Performance

Magento is programmed to accommodate more than a thousand products with high traffic. In cases when you have a huge variety of products, Magento CMS is a platform that will definitely meet your requirements.

It is highly scalable and can easily let you increase or decrease the resources required by your server depending on the traffic.

3. 24*7 Support

With a strong community of around 300000 members, it is very easy to find help if you have any issues. Apart from this, the direct customer support by Magento is also available.

4. Advanced Flexibility

Magento CMS allows easy modifying of source code, depending on the user’s needs and requirements. Magento themes and extensions are also highly customizable.

5. Enhanced Testing Capabilities

Magento comes with advanced testing capacity which can help detect the bugs before releasing the site. It results in smooth and seamless website performance.

6. Smart Catalog Management

With Magento, catalog browsing as well as catalog management is easy and hassle-free. It also offers advanced product browsing with multiple images for each product.

7. Mobile-friendly

With rise in the number of mobile-users, it is no secret that Mcommerce is rising at a very fast pace. Customers find it more comfortable to shop through mobile phones as compared to laptops and PCs. Magento CMS is a very mobile-friendly ecommerce platform, allowing you to build a responsive online store easily.

8. Exceptional Scalability

Whether your store is a small sized store with one thousand products or your store is having one lac products, Magento CMS is scalable. It is capable of handling the inventory, orders, payments and all the essential tasks required for smooth purchasing operations.

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