The Future of e-commerce in India

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The Future of e-commerce in India


Trumpet of e-commerce in India

We barely know about the fact that when did e-commerce start in India. It is but obvious about humans nowadays care about this information or fact. Instead of that, we would like to find out some coupon codes for discounts. Well, it was 1995 when the internet was knocking on the door of India and behind the door; Indian entrepreneurs were busy building themselves for the upcoming changes. The bedrock was laid by none like Amazone, Flipcart or e-bay or any well-known name of the present market. It was done by in 1999. Since then e-commerce industry has been reaching a new high every year.

The Present of e-commerce in India

In the present era, we find very few things are there which cannot be available in online market sites. There are many things that we can order, purchase, trial, return with the medium of e-commerce sites. We have smartphones, food items, readymade clothes, furniture, medicines, cars, groceries, fashion accessories, and many more products to order online.  This new word e-commerce set a new business pattern in India. One random survey declared boldly that Indian e-commerce market will grow up to US$ 111.50 billion at the end of 2025. The reason behind such a promising start was due to the revolution in the growth of smartphone market and increase number of internet. The cheery on the cake is the Indian government announced programs like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ that provided strong support to the unstoppable arrival of e-commerce evolution in India.

Facts about e-commerce in India

In India people feel more confident to order online, the share of the grocery market proves it very rightly. People will order groceries of US$ 18.2 billion at the end of the year 2024 which was just US$1.9 billion in 2019. These numbers prove that how reliable and promising the future of e-commerce in India. Because grocery was considered under the category of stuff that Indian people could not like to order online. The reason was people even can’t trust the quality of grocery things. But things are now changed from head to toe. Despite the disadvantages of the COVID- 19 situation, India’s e-commerce market marches to grow at 5%. This growth leads India at the eighth-largest market for e-commerce, trailing France and a position ahead of Canada.

Impacts of e-commerce success in the Indian market

The first and foremost positive thing about e-commerce in India is that now anyone can start their new business at a very low cost. If anyone wants to flourish an e-commerce company, then he or she needs not invest piles of money in land, property, and other things. The only thing they require is a good quality range of products and fertile ideas. For the rest, you need a magical touch in your website, which can be done by talented developers.

The second important and attractive thing is that you can run your shop 24/7. This means without any extra wages or rents your shop is open for all types of customers who like to sit at any corner of the world and visit your shop. Thus you both, customers and online shops are boons for each other. This also means that there won’t be any fixed time to earn money.

The third benefit is waiting for the company holder in a form of capacity to sell and dispatch bulk orders with the return of a huge amount in their favor.

The fourth one is the global advantage. An e-commerce company can spread itself to not only regional or local markets but it is a chance to correct the term ‘sky is the limit’. Now after the internet revolution, a glob is a small village and we can order from anywhere at the same time we can have ordered from anywhere from the world.

One more important point that we have to count on number five is that when any customer is ready to buy things online, they ask for some basic details from the customer in order to reach to the customer. This data can be used by these e-commerce companies to remind customers about their previous shopping, about the latest discount offer, and so on. Those who forget their important dates like the birthdate of wife or anniversaries. Traditional shop owners can’t do this.

It is said that when you want to sell it, sell louder than others. Well, it is related to benefit number six in our list. The present age is the age of marketing and in-market like India, we need to update our product line every hour. But if you are in an e-commerce company there are various options to put your ads.

Last but not least is the benefit of using AI in the e-commerce website. It makes your online shopping easy, full of fun. In India where people like to spend their time with family on weekends this process of shopping along with AI will give a new experience of shopping to the family. This will also be done by staying at home and you have many advantages of it in the nearest future.

Though there are some dangers and red signals on the way of online shopping because of some online fraud cases in front of customers’ eyes. But the remarkable efforts by the government and determination of cyber security service providers are always ready to roll their sleeves to shoulders. Even different campaigns are generated to aware people to save themselves from online fraud.

A pure gold coin can be accepted even with a dent on it. E-Commerce is one such gold coin that is bright and somewhere in this world when you are reading this article some talented and dedicated developers, coders, strategy makers are trying to remove that dent from it. So be an optimist about the shiny side of this e-commerce world